December 11, 2018

Flying to the US


I'm always very excited, happy and grateful to prepare an artwork for a collector. 

Each piece of art I make is like my baby to me because I invest so much love, effort and time to create it that it ends up being a part of my soul. So when I'm preparing the package for shipment I feel like a mother who is packing the luggage for her child's summer camp :-) 
I don't have children but I guess that's pretty the same emotion. 

So here is "Smoked", number one of a limited edition of 20 from the series "Fabula and Drama de la soledad", ready to leave. Have a safe trip to the US! 

Most of the images of this series have a main title (in english) and a subtitle (in spanish). The subtitle is an important part of the image, it's a thought, a short verse, that completes the whole sense of the artwork.

"Smoked - Sucumbo indefensa e impasible a tu llegada silenciosa y arrasadora."

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